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The Way of Valor

Craig Thayer was a guest on The Way of Valor podcast hosted by Angie Taylor.

Show description: Craig Thayer is the author of Saved, Finding God in the Ordinary. Craig is a Board Certified General Surgeon and for the last 20 years Craig has been the Trauma Medical Director for a level 3 trauma center. Join us for today’s episode as he shares the many miracles he has experienced during his prestigious career.

Craig’s hope in sharing his story is to give you hope, inspiration, a sense of belonging, and empathy and show you how similar a surgeon’s life is to yours. We are all more alike than we know.

Angie happens to be the principal at our children's school. We have been blessed with the Christian, entrepeneurial, innovative approach to online schooling she created with Valor. A little about the show: We all long to live a courageous life of significance. We all want to be the example to our children and do big things that change the world. However, at the end of the day the bills are calling and the busyness of life often keeps us from stepping boldly into our dream and passion. Join Angie Taylor, a 30 year veteran educator and Co-founder of Valor Global Online and Valor Global Foundation, as she interviews guests every Tuesday, who are daring to step into their personal greatness and partner with the divine to fulfill their purpose. This show is for you, if you long to leave a legacy for your family and leave your mark on the world.

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