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Saved! now on Audible!

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New Inspirational Audiobook "Saved!" by Craig Thayer to be Released on Audible NEWS PROVIDED BY EIN PresswireJul 28, 2023, 9:00 AM ET Cover image for "Saved!" Craig Thayer Author Craig Thayer Discover Hope & Miracles in "Saved!" - A captivating audiobook by Craig Thayer, narrating a life of resilience, purpose, and human connection. On Audible now. Through 'Saved!', I share my journey of triumph over adversity, finding miracles in unexpected places. My hope is to inspire and unite hearts.”— Craig Thayer DALTON, GEORGIA, USA, July 28, 2023/ -- Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey of hope, resilience, and self-discovery with the upcoming release of "Saved!" — a captivating audiobook written and narrated by the incredible Craig Thayer. The highly anticipated title will be available on Audible, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the profound and uplifting story of a man who defied all odds to find purpose, fulfillment, and miracles in his extraordinary life. In "Saved!", Craig Thayer invites audiences to join him on an awe-inspiring adventure, one that started with an uncertain beginning, as he was put up for adoption at birth. However, fate had greater plans in store for him. At just nine months old, Craig's life took a transformative turn when he discovered his biological family, marking the beginning of an unorthodox and miraculous journey. Throughout his life, Craig encountered adversity at every turn. Battling an undiagnosed reading disorder until the age of 55 was just one of the many challenges he faced. Undeterred, his heart held a steadfast calling — to become a surgeon. But life's hardships didn't end there. From a twisted intestine to witnessing his adopted mother's struggle with alcoholism, grieving her loss at a tender age of 18, and overcoming a skull fracture during college, Craig's path was anything but ordinary. Yet, amidst the trials, it was the miracles that illuminated his life and guided him on his extraordinary path. A devastating apartment fire, leaving precious items intact, served as a poignant reminder of his guardian spirits. Eye-opening mission trips to Haiti and Honduras taught him the essence of Heaven on Earth. The reunion with his natural family filled a void, completing a lifelong yearning. Even the bonds of laughter through college pranks brought their own miracles. "Saved!" is a poignant testimony of hope, inspiration, belonging, and empathy. Craig Thayer's compelling narrative highlights the shared human experience and reveals the uncanny resemblance between a surgeon's life and the life of any individual. Through his touching account, listeners will discover that we are all connected, and the potential for miracles lies within us all. Join Craig Thayer as he shares his life's triumphs and tribulations, with each chapter leaving an indelible mark on your heart and soul. His experiences will instill hope in the face of adversity, inspire you to embrace your true purpose, and ignite the belief that miracles surround us every day. Don't miss the much-awaited release of "Saved!" on Audible, where you can immerse yourself in this powerful, life-affirming audiobook. Be ready to be inspired, uplifted, and moved like never before. About the Author: Craig Thayer's life story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Despite facing numerous obstacles, he persisted with unwavering determination, ultimately finding his calling as a surgeon. Now, through "Saved!", Craig aims to touch hearts and change lives, spreading hope and empathy through his remarkable journey. For media inquiries, interviews, and promotional opportunities, please contact: Email: "Saved!" by Craig Thayer will be available for purchase on Audible starting 7/28/2023. For more information, visit and follow Craig Thayer on [Social Media Handles] for updates.Craig Thayer

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