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From Adversity to Abundance Podcast

What a pleasure it was to be on this podcast. Jamie Bateman is a great guy and he summarized our podcast nicely:

For those who have started their entrepreneurship journey or aspiring entrepreneurs who seek inspiration, have you heard the myths about Craig Thayer's Trauma Surgery Journey? Some say he never faced any obstacles, others claim he was born with the knowledge to succeed, and a few even say he had it easy. But the truth is far more inspiring. Join us as Craig Thayer shares his story of overcoming adversity and achieving greatness in the world of trauma surgery.

In this episode, you will be inspired to:

· Explore the inspiring path of Craig Thayer's ascent in the world of trauma surgery, marked by resilience and determination.

· Gain insights into turning adversity into purpose, derived from the captivating life story of Craig Thayer.

· Absorb the essence of being empathetic and being of help to others, inspired by Craig Thayer's own experiences.

· Understand Craig Thayer's exceptional leadership style, emphasizing unity, inclusivity, and development.

· Embrace a lighthearted approach to challenging situations by adopting Craig Thayer's humorous outlook on life.

Introducing Craig Thayer, a trauma surgeon with a story that's both inspiring and heartwarming. From being adopted at birth to overcoming numerous health challenges, Craig has faced adversity with grace and determination. He's not only a skilled surgeon, but also a motivational speaker, radio show co-host, and author of the book "Saved." Craig's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of finding purpose in life. His experiences have shaped him into an empathetic and compassionate individual, making him a true inspiration for those pursuing a career in trauma surgery.

“I'm here to serve and not be served. So my idea of abundance is making money to give away. I'm happy where I am.”

“I think in general, it's just that there's always hope. There's going to be trials. Learn to embrace those trials.”

Adversities Craig had to overcome:

· Being adopted at birth

· Having an alcoholic mother

· Losing both parents

· Getting through divorce

· Health struggles

Abundance Craig created:

· Knowing your passion and doing it

· The passing of his parents made him even stronger

· Following your calling and passion despite of and in spite of life adversities

Lessons from Craig adversities

· Becoming successful in spite of being an orphan

· Be of service to others and know your purpose and act on it

· Life has its seasons. Watch what you do and people will learn from it

Craig Thayer's Book "Saved"

Writing and sharing one's life story can provide inspiration and support for others experiencing similar challenges, creating a sense of connection and understanding among individuals. Autobiographical works, such as memoirs, can serve as motivation for those navigating their own life journey. In the podcast, Craig Thayer discusses his book, "Saved," which delves into his life, including his upbringing, medical career, and the various adversities he overcame. By sharing his story, Thayer aims to inspire those who may be experiencing similar struggles and encourage them to remain steadfast in their pursuit of purpose and true connections.

Choosing General Surgery

The decision to pursue general surgery as a career can stem from practical considerations and sincere passion for the field. It can be a life-changing choice for individuals, impacting not only their careers but also their personal lives. During the podcast, Craig Thayer spoke about his career journey and how he discovered his passion for general surgery and trauma, rather than cardiac or neurosurgery. Thayer's determination, driven by his passion and clear sense of purpose, allowed him to overcome setbacks and difficulties in securing a residency to ultimately become a successful surgeon.

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Books and Resources

SAVED: One Trauma Surgeon's True Accounts of the Miracles in His Life

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