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Meet Craig

Surgeon, #1 best selling author, radio show co-host, motivational speaker and health coach

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Craig Thayer's destiny was mapped before he was even born. Being put up for adoption at birth and finding his family at nine months was just the start of his unorthodox journey.

Craig Thayer battled a reading disorder that went undiagnosed until he was fifty-five years old. Despite that and numerous other challenges, the calling in his heart to become a surgeon grew louder and louder. It didn’t quit when he suffered a twisted intestine, witnessed his adopted mother’s alcohol problem, grieved her death when he was just eighteen, healed from a skull fracture in college, agonized over his adopted father’s fight for his life, and struggled to find his self-esteem. Through adversity, he has become a well-respected surgeon, head of trauma, community leader, and forever a jokester.  The miracles that touched his life were his saving grace and shined a light on his purpose.

Craig Thayer’s intent in sharing his stories are to give you hope, inspiration, a sense of belonging.  His passion is to inspire and motivate others to live their life to the fullest. We are all more alike than we know.

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